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K-Monel Balls

K-Monel Balls

This is an age hardenable version of the nickel copper alloy Monel 400. As such it has increased strength with excellence resistance to seawater corrosion. Monel K500 balls are used in grease fittings and seawater applications.

K-Monel Ball's Material Analysis
Nickel 63.00/70.00%
Aluminum 2.00/4.00%
Iron 2.00% max.
Manganese 1.50% max.
Carbon 0.25% max.
Silicon 1.00% max.
Copper Balance

K-Monel Ball's Mechanical Properties
Tensile strength 130/165 Kpsi
Yield strength 85/120 Kpsi
Elongation in two inches 35/20%
Density(nominal) 0.305 lbs/cubic inch

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